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Watamote is a 12-episode long Japanese anime series that aired between July and September 2013.

Plot Edit

Fifteen-year-old Tomoko Kuroki believed that she would become popular upon entering high school because she'd become well-versed in the world of otome games. In reality, she finds that she has become an unsociable loner and she is forced to take a long hard look at herself for the first time in years. The story follows Tomoko as she attempts to improve her social status as she progresses through high school.

Trivia Edit

  • WataMote has been the subject of much discussion and debate,  particularly in its treatment of social anxiety and the main character Tomoko. Many have debated if the series is a comedy or a study of neurosis with many varying opinions on whether the subject matter is supposed to be humorous or not. Still, the anime adaptation has been highly praised by most websites.
  • Many people love the depiction of Tomoko in the series, as most people who watched the anime could relate to her.

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