Name: Anchristia

Age: 20

Region: Johto

Number of Pokemon: 4

Type: Ghost

Pokemon: Pumpkaboo, Gengar, Trevenant, Gastly

Gym: Large, dark spiraling staircases ascending up a glass tower. Some staircases have "false" steps, which teleports them to the floor below or to the beginning. The correct staircases will lead to a balcony, with a challenger on it. There are 4 balcony's in total, including the one that Anchristia is on. After beating Anchrista, the trainer must press the correct panel of glass to escape the gym. When escaping the gym, the trainer's vision goes blank, and wakes up in the nearby Pokemon center, having been told "There is no gym here." when explaining what happened.

Battle music:

Battle qoutes

Before battle: "Such bright, hopeful eyes. They won't be like that for long."

Opponent uses super effective move: " have...potential"

Last pokemon: "Sucking the life out of you now will be easy!"

Last pokemon is weak: "No! What are you doing!?"

Battle won: "Look at you! So pathetic and weak!"

Battle lost: "It seems the living crush the dead in their paths..."

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