Shizuka in the 2011 movie

Shizuka Minamoto (Japanese:源 静香 Minamoto Shizuka) or Sue in the English dub, is the sole female main character in the series of Doraemon.


Shizuka is the daughter of Yoshio and Michiko Minamoto, who gave her the name Shizuka as they wanted her to grow up to be a proper lady. 

Shizuka and Nobita became close friends at a young age and Nobita developed a crush on her. Throughout the series, Nobita always attempts to impress Shizuka with the gadgets of Doraemon. However, Nobita sometimes misused the Dokedemo Door, accidentally seeing Shizuka taking a bath.

In the future, with the help of Doraemon, Shizuka and Nobita married. Nobita had already proposed in the past, but Shizuka didn't answer for a long time. While Shizuka is mountain climbing with Nobita (which actually is the younger Nobita using the time cloth to age himself), Shizuka accepted Nobita's proposal before she collapsed. It remains unclear if Nobita and Shizuka did get married but it was speculated that she died during the mountain climbing, due to her illness while doing the activity or that she possibly married to someone else.


Shizuka's appearance has changed over the years. In the 1979 version, she has brown hair. In 2005 anime, she is shorter and has black hair instead.

In the movies she wears white or pink overall dress over a pink top.


Unlike Nobita, Shizuka is quick and smart . She also plays games better than Nobita. She has a habit for taking a bath 2-4 times a day. While she wants to wear make-up, she thinks it's better to wait until she is older. She loves Sweet Potatoes, a fact she tries to keep hidden from her peers.