Roleplay is allowed, but must be approved by at least two admins and the founder before continuing. Here are some simple rules for planning and creating a Roleplay. (NOTE: Roleplays are allowed in PM without prior permission)

Standard rules and guidelines. Edit

  1. Roleplays must be held at a certain time, and must not go on for more than two hours per session, so as not to disrupt chat.
  2. No more than 4 Roleplays per day. This is not as an individual, but as a community.
  3. Slight sexual innuendo is allowed, but no full on sex. Take it to PM if it's going to get all steamy.
  4. OCs and canon characters are allowed, but no OOC. Also allowed are gender bended characters, or AU characters, such as Neko!Goku or Demon!Ludwig.
  5. An Admin or Mod must be present when Roleplaying. If one is not, feel free to contact one or the founder to send one to watch over the Roleplay.

Consequences of breaking rules and guidelines. Edit

  1. First offence: Warning and/or kick
  2. Second offence: Second warning and/or kick/2 hour ban
  3. Third offence: 2 hour ban and a week's ban from Roleplaying on main chat
  4. Fourth offence: 1 day ban and one month ban from Roleplaying on main chat.