Nobita using the Dress-Up Camera in the 2013 movie

Nobita Nobi (Japanese:野比 のび太 Nobi Nobita) or Noby Nobi in the English dub is the deuteragonist in the Doraemon series.


Nobita is the son of Tamako and Nobisuke Nobi. His name is derived from Nobi, which means "to grow" and the kanji Ta which means "strong". Combining them makes up a phrase "To Grow and become Stronger". His name was inspired by a Sakura tree, which long before was a weakling but eventually became strong and higher than any of the other trees.


Sewashi & Doraemon meets Nobita

In April 5th, 2123 in the Future, Doraemon and Sewashi Nobi travel through time and space to meet the current Nobita to warn that his unsuccessful business (Which was burning snow) will make his descendants suffer from poverty. Sewashi gave Nobita his personal robot Doraemon, who has his ears bitten by mouse. Doraemon gives Nobita his strange gadgets to help him. Nobita however uses them for his own gain, to either to impress his crush Shizuka or have revenge to his frenemies Gian and Suneo.

In the future he eventually married Shizuka, who gave birth to a rebellious son named Nobisuke. If Doraemon does not exist in Nobita's life, he will marry Gian's sister, Jaiko instead and give birth to 4-10 sons and daughters.


In the 1979 & 2005 anime, he often wears his signature outfit: Yellow shirt & blue shorts. Sometimes he wears red, orange or blue shirt instead.


Nobita Nobi is lazy, unwitted and clumsy. He is easily scared, something that Gian and Suneo take advantage of. He is also bad at sports, unless he secretly uses one of Doraemon's gadgets.

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