Italy from Hetalia

Italy is a main character in the Hetalia franchise. He is the representation of the northern part of Italy and is part of the Axis Powers. He is also referred to as Italy Veneziano. Beetween 2007 and 2008. Himaruya gave human names to some of the Hetalia characters, and thus, Italy received the name Feliciano Vargas.


Italy is a cheerful, energetic man, who, although being a descendant of Holy Rome, is an irresponsible cry baby. Although he depends on Germany a lot, he tends not to listen to what he says. He also has the verbal tic of saying "Ve", which can be an abbreviation of "bene" which means "good". Italy is shown to have a compulsion of stripping for his daily 3PM "Siestas", and usually forgets to put his trousers back on, which results in Germany having to lend him a pair of his own. His nudity has become so notorious throughout the nations that Switzerland will open fire upon him if he catches Italy streaking throughout his homeland.