Standard guidelinesEdit

1. Users must be over 13 years of age

2. Profainity is allowed, but racial or sexist slurs will not be allowed.

3. No ASCII Art allowed.

4. No more than 10 lines in a row in caps.

5. Do not repeat a line more than 10 times.

6. Please no spam :3.

7. Please speak English as this is an English website. If you need translating done, please do so in PM.

8. Be respectful to all members of the community.

9. No advertising of any kind.

10. If an Admin or Mod asks you to leave chat, please do so.

11. Pornographic pictures are not allowed.

Moderator and Admin guidelinesEdit

1. Do not ban or kick someone just because they are "annoying or irritating".

2. Do not believe you are better than everyone else because you have special rights and powers.

3. Do not ban or unban someone without founder's and two other admin's permission

4. Do not demote or premote someone without founder's and two other admin's permission. 

Consequences Edit

Minor rule breaking:Edit

First offence: Warning and/or kick

Second offence: Kick from chat and/or short ban

Third offence: A ban up to a week.

Major rule breaking:Edit

First offence: Ban up to a month and warning

Second offence: Infinate ban

Admin or Mod rule breaking:Edit

First offence: Warning

Second offence: Demoted for short period of time and/or banned

Third offence: Demoted permanently and banned