• MrBreada

    Anime Q&A

    November 1, 2015 by MrBreada

    1: Favorite genre?

    2: Favorite moment of all time?

    3: First anime?

    4: Favorite anime?

    5: What you're into right now?

    My answers are in the comments.

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  • HexPokeAce

    Name: Coleman
    Age: 18
    Region: Hoenn
    Number of Pokemon: 6
    Type: Psychic
    Pokemon: Wynaut, Solrock, Espeon, Mr. Mime, Swoobat, Alakazam.
    Gym: Giant labirynth
    Battle music:

    All: "..."

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  • BabyKlebold

    Name: Anchristia

    Age: 20

    Region: Johto

    Number of Pokemon: 4

    Type: Ghost

    Pokemon: Pumpkaboo, Gengar, Trevenant, Gastly

    Gym: Large, dark spiraling staircases ascending up a glass tower. Some staircases have "false" steps, which teleports them to the floor below or to the beginning. The correct staircases will lead to a balcony, with a challenger on it. There are 4 balcony's in total, including the one that Anchristia is on. After beating Anchrista, the trainer must press the correct panel of glass to escape the gym. When escaping the gym, the trainer's vision goes blank, and wakes up in the nearby Pokemon center, having been told "There is no gym here." when explaining what happened.

    Battle music:

    Before b…

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  • BabyKlebold

    This pretty much explains it. Each month there will be a winner for best Gym Leader and best Trainer. Please use the links below to create the appearance of your character. Please make entry a blog post, and include name, age and what region they are from. Please do it as a blog post. Thank you! ^-^

    -NOTE- Please exclude number 3, it is up to you what type you would like to use.





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