Ai Haibara in 2013 movie

Ai Haibara (Japanese:灰原 哀 Haibara Ai) or Shiho Miyano (Japanese:宮野 志保 Miyano Shiho), is a character in the Detective Conan series who is a fellow victim of APTX 4869, like Conan.


Along with her sister Akemi Miyano, they were both working for the Black Organization as scientists. After her sister was killed, she decided to betray the organization, but they imprisoned her inside a small room. Thinking that there was no way to escape, Shiho took a pill containing APTX 4869 to commit suicide, but instead, it made her shrink down to the size of a child. Because of her smaller body, she manages to escape the Black Organization and races through Shinichi's house, thinking that he may help her. Agasa saw her collapsed in front of Shinichi's house and adopted her. She was given a name of Ai Haibara to prevent Black Organization from finding her.


Haibara is somewhat cold and sarcastic, yet displays intelligence and maturity.


  • Haibara in 1999
  • Haibara in 2007
  • Haibara in 2012
  • Haibara in 2015
Her character design has changed over the years. She typically has light brown hair that's sort of shaggy and wears various clothes in each episode.